For over 18 years, HF Planners has served our clients as a trusted partner in facility management.  Our facility managers are seasoned professionals experienced in handling every aspect of your facility – from technical and design to licensure and permits to workplace strategy and change management.  We attend to both the day-to-day needs of your facility, as well as serve as your strategic partner, planning the best ways to maximize your facility’s evolution or manage its attrition.

Saving our clients time and money results naturally from our expertly honed and proven processes.  In addition to smoothly run facilities and effectively planned workspaces, the outcomes of our work also improve office space, increase opportunity, maximize resources, and strengthen morale.

It is our mission to bring you the peace of mind that comes from working with the best. 

Clients also benefit from our whole-team approach on every project.  Our team brings a depth and breadth of experience, a passion for staying on top of technical advances and industry developments, and a dedication to best practices and processes.  We also love what we do, and have fun doing it!  Learn more about our unique approach to facility management, design, and planning here.

Several areas of expertise in facility management include: creating restacking plans; managing furniture, fixtures, and equipment; creating change management plans; providing CADD & CAFM services; developing utilities requirement plans; managing vendors; scheduling services; and developing workplace strategies. 

As a USGBC LEED certified firm, HF Planners also identifies unique ways to integrate environmental sensitivity and sustainability into every project.

In addition to ensuring the functionality of your facility’s entire built environment, creating an optimal interior environment for your evolving workforce, and balancing resources with meeting organizational goals for your facility, HF Planners helps maximize your facilities investment, manage your national facilities portfolio more effectively, and stay focused on your core business.

Whether your need is for strategic consulting, full facility involvement or small-scale project planning, our services and team scales to meet your needs. 

Contact us to discuss your facility management needs with an experienced member of our team.


The HF Planners team was on-site during the whole installation, managing the renovation process and ensuring a well-installed, usable venue that we are proud of.
— Anthony A., Becton Dickinson