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Implementing a Workplace Strategy for Your Office

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The Global Pandemic has affected everyone’s lives, both professional and personal. Those who were fortunate enough to keep their jobs had to adapt to a new routine of working remotely and, while some thrived with this new model, others struggled. Now the time has come, not to be afraid, but to be prepared. With offices beginning to reopen, a new set of challenges have arisen

Does reopening the office mean automatically going back to how it was left over a year ago?

There will be many issues that come with the world trying to return to “normal” again but, as the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, the future is unknown. Management teams have been surveying their employees to determine the best strategy for reopening their doors. The statistics are imperative to determine which course they should take. While there is still uncertainty, a Hybrid Model working style has been the most popular answer.

Could the Hybrid Model work for all businesses?

Most Facility Managers have developed various strategies that could help their companies get back on track, yet there are still many unanswered questions. Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Before COVID-19, companies were hesitant to adopt a Hybrid Model working style or even entertain the idea of employees working from anywhere other than the office. Surveys now show that over 50% of companies plan to use a Hybrid Model working style. For many Facility Managers, it is essential to determine the driving factors of employee decisions, whether they prefer to work remotely or are ready to come back into an office setting. If over 90% of employees prefer to work remotely, management teams need to determine the cause as it may be more than health and safety reasons.

Can the Hybrid Model work for all departments?

Apart from looking at a self-centered benefit of any working model, Managers should adapt and develop a workplace strategy that meets the needs of themselves and their teams. They should not only consider their employees’ current well-being but a long-term sustainable model that can work in any given situation without damaging business growth, as well as employees’ work-life balance.

There are benefits and drawbacks of any working model. Some concerns to consider are:

  • How is the working model affecting the quality and productivity of work?
  • What measures are being taken to secure the company’s private information?
  • Is there enough communication between employees and their supervisors?
  • Are there open and honest conversations between employees and management about work performance and their future goals and plans?
  • Are there set parameters for an employee to have certain schedules to follow to complete their work?
  • Is there any new technology or digital platforms being developed or adapted to integrate a seamless work experience?
  • Depending on the type of workplace strategy put into place, what protocols will be implemented for someone exposed to COVID-19?

The list can be updated with new questions and concerns as we move forward. It can be overwhelming to make the right decision and choose a correct workplace strategy that works perfectly for the company or overall organization. At HF Planners, LLC, we have a skilled workplace strategy team to assist you through the process of re-entering the workplace. Let us help guide you through the strategy that works best for you and your company.