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The Clean Benefits of a Facility Manager

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What is the one thing that makes being in the office better? An office that has been cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected with trusted products by thorough teams is a great feeling for employees when returning back to the office. The week starts off with a literal clean slate, so employees can focus on their job. A workplace environment is intended to be a contributing factor to workplace productivity, not a detracting one.

CleanLink, a reference source for sanitary maintenance and facility cleaning decisions, conducted a survey concluding that 64% of employees value a healthy and sanitary working environment for building occupants more than just a clean appearance. However, beyond the housecleaning and janitorial staff, a facility planner and a facility manager work together to coordinate, schedule, and create a clean and comfortable environment to guarantee that the workplace maintains and goes beyond surface cleaning.

There is a multitude of benefits to having a full-service facilities team at hand when it comes to guaranteeing a welcoming and clean workplace.

The top three benefits to having a facility manager and facility planner coordinate the housecleaning and janitorial tasks of a workspace are:

1. One-stop shopping. A facility manager is the main contact for all of the workplace’s cleaning needs, while a facility planner creates a workplace that sources, selects, and designs easily cleanable products. A facility planner specifies and assists in the procurement process of finishes and furnishes that can be easily wiped down, disinfected, or reset to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. The facility manager researches and implements a reliable team supervises, maintains cleaning schedules, procures cleaning supplies, recognizes which materials require, the business saves money. Productivity for the facility’s operations is optimized by a facility manager and facility planner working together. 

2. Understanding the facility’s needs. For the most optimal cleaning practices, it is essential to understand the nature of the business and how people interact within the space. Comprehending a facility’s varied use can be a complicated task. An adept facility manager knows how to seamlessly coordinate the cleanings based on the number of employees within the facility as well as the total numbers of customers, clients, vendors, and other visitors within the commercial space. The facility manager understands that they are not just taking care of a building, but rather the occupants and assets that the building houses for eight or more hours a day. A facility planner recognizes that it is more than just design, but rather creating a welcoming space for employees to thrive in their role. They strategically create a design that is calculated for the number of projected occupants within the facility and can easily be cleaned and maintained without interruptions to employee workflow. A facility manager is keen on the details when it comes to understanding how the facility runs in accordance with a facility planner’s insight into how the facility’s occupants interact. This makes them the ideal leaders when it comes to house cleaning and janitorial for the interior of the workspace.

3. Reliability, safety, and effectiveness. Safety and comfort for employees remain the number one priority. By utilizing a facility manager and facility planner as a team, industry high standards are not only adhered to but are met beyond satisfactory. Facility managers and facility planners recognize that high standards must be in place when creating a space and supervising a team to ensure the space remains safe and comfortable. Janitorial staff can be trusted and reliable under the direction of a facility manager. Under the guidance of a facility manager, the team can meticulously clean, sanitize, and reset any used space to be refreshed, so other employees can focus on the safe and reliable workspace.

 An adept facility manager and facility planner team create a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for all of the facility’s occupants. They effectively accomplish the goal of increasing employee productivity while enhancing comfort within the workspace. When it comes to housecleaning and janitorial needs, HF Planners, LLC understands that your facility is more than just a workplace, but rather an environment for employees to thrive.

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