Kitchenette for global flavor and fragrance company

From Crowded to Custom: How Custom Designed Pieces Can Transform a Space

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When starting a project, our design team never really knows what to expect. The client expresses their vision and needs, and we hear exactly what they want, then survey the space to find some aspects of the design process that are out of our control. That is where custom millwork comes into play.

For this particular project, the client’s existing pantry was crammed into a small area of an executive collaboration lounge, making it difficult for employees to utilize.

Open and space corporate office rest area with counter and bar area
Custom designed break area for corporate office interior design project
Custom workspace and closet space for conference room

Our team listened to the client’s concerns in the space, and due to building elements and constrictions, the only way to achieve their ideal space was by creating a custom millwork piece. Once it was designed and approved by the client, a custom cabinet maker was sourced to build custom cabinetry that would fit perfectly in this modest space.

Cabinets for corporate office kitchen space
Custom designed interior design project for corporate office kitchen

Demolishing walls to open up the space exposed a building column. The need to embrace the structure as part of the design became evident. The column was painted a matte black to highlight it instead of fighting the architecture.

Facility management project for corporate office kitchen area

In the end, by partnering with a design firm like HF Planners, LLC, the client’s vision came to life through the creativity and ingenuity of our expert team. With the constricting walls down, the custom millwork piece is exposed, which helps open up this section of the collaborative lounge, and the overhead LED lighting brightens up the millwork. As a result, the client can now use their new and improved kitchenette with ease.

Kitchen area for corporate office designed around pole