Strategic office space design and layout


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Design Project Overview

Consumer Goods Manufacturing Company

This consumer goods manufacturing company’s administrative offices were outdated, could not accommodate their current headcount, and did not reflect their brand identity. They also needed more collaborative spaces, which is imperative for their team’s productivity.

HF Planners, LLC transformed these spaces to uplift this company’s dynamic staff. Through well-executed space planning, our team combined occupancy from two disparate areas to accommodate the administrative and planning teams into a cohesive workplace. This decision opened a dedicated touchdown zone for visiting executives. In addition, a new set of corporate brand and construction standards was created and can now be executed nationally for consistent brand identity.

The pantry was created in an empty corner that housed a copier and oversized refrigerator. This decision carved out an inviting space for team members to take a quick break to chat or strategize over coffee.

Create a Functional and productive
office space