As a facility manager or business owner, you may be experiencing one – or several – of these common facilities planning challenges:

  • One size space does not fit all! You needed a restacking plan or a new workplace strategy yesterday

  • A lack of expertise on your facilities team to lead a large design project, manage a company-wide change, or implement a workplace strategy plan

  • Delays, unforeseen issues, unexpected costs, and last-minute requests are making budgeting and project planning painful

  • Dealing with executive indecision when it comes to costly changes and time-sensitive decisions

  • A facility group that is overwhelmed by unplanned events, and constant changes to projects

  • Not enough time to stay up-to-date with regulations, or to correctly implement them

  • A desire to green your facility without the expertise or plan to do so

To achieve the end result you desire – an optimal work environment that maximizes your employees’ productivity and engagement, and supports your business goals – we plan and oversee every aspect of your project, from facilitating timely decisions and managing expectations to creating realistic budgets and keeping deadlines on track.

HF Planners has the first-hand experience and expertise to manage every aspect of your project.  Your dedicated facility planner works on site with you and your team for the duration of your project, keeping day-to-day activities on track, while the rest of our team scales to your needs. We bring a strategic approach, an understanding of executive expectations, and the ability to guide your organization through change – all while moving your project forward through tight timelines, acknowledging budgetary requirements, and scheduling challenges.

Our expertly honed and proactive, collaborative processes and approach to each project is designed to give you the peace of mind that comes from working with HF Planners. 

Leverage HF Planners’ design background and our proven processes to efficiently and effectively plan, create, and sustain an optimum work environment for your business. 

To discuss your facility planning needs in more detail with an experienced member of our team, we invite you to contact us here.

The full scope of our facility planning services include:

  • Restacking Plans

  • Workplace Strategy

  • Change Management Plans

  • Fit Planning

  • CADD & CAFM Services

  • Programming and Interviews with End-Users

  • As-built Drawings

  • Space Planning

  • Implementing Corporate Standards

  • Furniture Plans

  • Panel Reconfiguration Plans

  • Coordinating IT and Voice Systems

  • Utility Requirements Plans

  • Phasing Plans

  • Asset Inventory

  • Vendor Management

  • Signage and Wayfinding 

  • Move/Relocation Management