As a facility manager or business owner, you may be experiencing one – or several – of these common design challenges or headaches:

  • No time to run an existing facility and supervise the design and build of a new space
  • An old workplace design that is lagging behind competition and negatively impacting employee retention and hiring for open roles
  • A lack of internal staff or expertise to address expanding facilities, downsizing, or integrating remote workers
  • A need to improve work space efficiency
  • Not fully understanding new technology, innovative products, and current best practices for work flow, productivity, and engagement
  • Too many vendors, timelines, and deadlines to deal with and coordinate
  • Not enough time to stay up-to-date with regulations, or to correctly implement them

In addition to expertly managing both the day-to-day and over-arching aspects of each project, HF Planners contributes to the bottom line by leveraging valuable knowledge and expertise to create optimal work environments of reduced stress and absenteeism, with increased creativity, concentration, engagement, and productivity. 

Throughout your project, our expertly honed, proven processes save you time and money. 

We are also committed to leading the Green movement in facility design and management through our LEED certification. Let us show you how we can help you lower your operating costs and promote healthier and more productive environments through green design choices such as recycled materials, water-conserving plumbing fixtures, energy efficient lighting and controls, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood products and furniture.

Whether you are planning a large or small project, new construction or the redesign of an existing facility, HF Planners will custom-design a service package around your unique challenges and budget.

To discuss your facility design needs in more detail with an experienced member of our team, we invite you to contact us here.

The full scope of our facility Design services include:

  • Designing for LEED AP Certification
  • Providing CADD & CAFM Services
  • Providing 3D Modeling
  • Conducting Site Surveys to Document Existing Conditions
  • Developing and Maintaining As-built Drawings
  • Providing Space Planning
  • Designing with Existing Furniture
  • Providing Furniture Layout and Planning
  • Providing Custom Furniture Design
  • Providing Finish Specification and Selection Options
  • Creating/Presenting Finish Boards
  • Coordinating Furniture Mock-Up
  • Developing a Master Plan
  • Developing a Panel Reconfiguration Plan
  • Developing a Phasing Plan
  • Developing a Demolition Plan
  • Developing a Utilities Requirements Plan
  • Developing a Construction Plan
  • Developing a Detail/Casework Plan
  • Developing a Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Developing Show Drawings
  • Conducting Design/Review Meetings
  • Creating RFPs for Services
  • Providing Budget Estimates
  • Managing Project Meetings and Providing Meeting Minutes
  • Creating punch lists
  • Proposing/Procuring Wayfinding or Evacuation Route Signage
  • Staging of Accessories & Artwork
  • Conducting post-move surveys
  • Providing Restacking Plans
  • Providing Change Management Plans
  • Providing Fit Planning
  • Understanding/Implementing Corporate Branding
  • Programming and Client Interviews
  • Developing Standards
  • Providing Scheduling Services
  • Managing Vendors
  • Ensuring ADA Compliance