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Design Project Overview

Global Technology Company

Completed March 2018, located in the Philadelphia Naval Yard improvements began with a fit-out of one and a half floors of an existing four-story building. Our long-time client was seeking a new revolutionary office design with a certified LEED Building credential. After working closely with the North American division president and treasurer, their vision of the space became clear to help establish the design intent, new culture within the space and image they wanted to portray. The 29,000 square foot interior project presented a reasonable number of obstacles, as well as found opportunities that both challenged and aided the overall design directives.

The design was developed based on the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED V4 for Commercial Interiors certification program. Driving factors of the built space were to optimize views of the windows, use sustainable finishes and reuse existing furniture to enhance the space. Some of the key features that were influenced by the specific environmental and construction guidelines include the highly efficient lighting, updated mechanical systems, and the selection of sustainable finishes and furnishings, plus an open ceiling plan with sustainable acoustical properties. From the initial site walk-through and design development to the final collection of materials for the finished interior environment, the clients’ vision was to have an open collaborative space which took into account the floor, ceiling, and everything in-between. The core and shell spaces were updated with several requirements: new lighting, the impression of an open ceiling with changing umbrella design, and shared office space.

The entire renovation process was an exercise in attentive design with a commitment to detailed interior construction practices and sustainable initiatives. With the ability to visually showcase our design efforts, the office is extremely efficient in its layout and has transformed the way in which we approach office design. In addition, this project is a valuable addition of the Naval Yard revitalization and development and its promotion of current and future environmental considerations for the commercial design industry.

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