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Design Project Overview

Global Technology Company

The space’s primary entry is via a large, existing ramp along the building’s Southern exposure. The ramp’s breadth did not efficiently capitalize on use of space, so new elevated platforms were designed into the space to provide additional meeting room. What was once only circulation space has become functional real-estate in the form of collaboration zones. The client’s corporate brand was also a critical program requirement, creating a bold and saturated palette throughout the workplace.

Upon arrival in the new open office, employees and guests are greeted with clear site lines to the North wall. Ergonomics have been taken into account in the form of sit-to stand bench desks with adjustable monitor arms and intuitive seating. A living wall and plantings throughout give the space biophilic benefits, including increased productivity and noise reduction.

The East perimeter of the space houses manager work stations. These offer ergonomic sit to stand function, as well as hidden storage and an integral meeting table at each location. Lockers serve triple duty for storage, privacy and a base for plantings. The “quiet room” at the South corner provides a place for heads down work that still allows natural light into all zones.

HFP provided secondary seating for four lab technicians. The space called for inexpensive, functional VCT in a high-traffic laboratory. The flooring design incorporates the client’s brand identify in an unexpected but practical solution.

The North wall of the space contains the teams conferencing center. Conference and “Huddle” Rooms, along with private “Phone Booths” flank the open area. These spaces provide the team with much needed privacy in an open work environment. Here, employees can meet in groups to discuss cutting edge lab technologies, or retire for a confidential call. Semi-Private lounge seating provides a place for quiet pairings in a less formal setting.

The open area of the new office incorporates a variety of acoustic solutions surrounding bench style desking. Laser-cut felt hanging panel and mineral fiber “clouds” assist in absorbing sound, and both use the hexagon motif for brand consistency. Dimmable pendant lighting gives users independent controls over the light levels in their “neighborhoods”. Neighborhoods are also demarcated by color changes in the carpeting.

Pantry space was needed to provide an area where the team could both take a break from desk work as well as collaborate together. The existing perimeter wall was pushed back to accommodate room for new millwork and sink. A custom purple quartz counter reinforces the company’s brand. In the foreground, an over-scaled dome light anchors a collaboration area for round-table problem-solving.

Create a Functional and productive
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