Through our facility planning services, HF Planners ensures that your facility is the best position for your current needs and long-term advantage.  From the simplest remodeling to complex facility restacking, construction, or relocation, our team of experienced facility planners, designers, and managers have the expertise and understanding to get the job done most effectively. 

At HF Planners, we understand that facility changes are key to a business’s capacity to be productive and profitable.  Our seasoned facility planners are both trusted strategic partners to your business as well as highly skilled project managers.  We are focused on preventing problems from the beginning, creating innovative solutions, and optimizing the use of space, equipment, and furniture to save you time and money. 

Your project begins by HF Planners developing a clear understanding of your current situation, challenges, and needs.  We then conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing facility and identify the spaces required to meet your goals.  

Working directly with your team on-site to understand existing facility standards, problems, and opportunities, HF Planners creates an achievable, affordable plan to meet your current and future facility needs and support your business goals.

Over the past 18 years, HF Planners has honed the best systems, processes, and practices in the industry.  Through our proactive and collaborative approach, we work meticulously with our clients to ensure that the job is being done efficiently and according to your needs and wants.  It is our goal to provide you with the peace of mind that you have planned for.

Whether your need is for strategic consulting, full facility involvement or small-scale project planning, our services and team scales to meet your needs. 

Contact us to discuss your facility planning needs with an experienced member of our team.


HF Planners has supported our company for many years. Their flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking helped to create an efficient and eye-pleasing work area that saved considerable dollars. Caroline was on-site all the time managing the major moves with great precision; her team’s reliability and quality of work is exceedingly high.
— Karen K., IMD