Edelyn De La Cruz

Edelyn junior interior designer HF Planners

Junior Interior Designer

With a BFA in Interior Design from Berkeley College in New Jersey, Edelyn has experience in commercial office, healthcare, and hospitality design.

She brings a foundational skillset of graphics and visualization as well as knowledge of custom furniture, materials, and specifications to HF Planners, LLC.

Outside of work, Edelyn’s interests include learning what’s new with technology, baking & pastry arts, and dancing.


My career and family. I put them both on the same level as they’re both equally important. Anyone who truly knows me knows that my life revolves around my career and family.

As quiet and shy as I am for most of the part, I’m a social butterfly. Lively, bold and a little feisty with a gash of loud.

It would absolutely be traditional Japanese ramen. I eat it almost every week!