Caroline Shelly

Caroline owner HF Planners

Founder & Principal

Caroline is a LEED AP – a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional. She also earned the CID – Certificate of Interior Design – from the state of New Jersey.

Caroline has over 25 years of experience in facility design, and is dedicated to helping corporations by maximizing their work environment.

She is involved with every project, whether it is as the Account Manager or the background support.

Caroline’s dedication to every project helps ensure accuracy in each step of the project to result in a quality design and a lasting relationship with the client.  She has the ability to respond to the everyday chaos, is quick to make fair judgments, drives her team by helping to avoid time-consuming distractions, and keeps everyone on point.

Caroline is recognized as a Leading Woman Entrepreneur for 2017 by the Leading Women Entrepreneur & Business Owners organization.  She was awarded a 2018 Enterprising Women. Additionally, she is an active member of NJ IFMA, and on the New Jersey board for the Common Thread for the Cure


My super power would be to manipulate time! Some days go by so quickly and I could use more time in a day. Other days drag on and it would be great to speed them up! If I could manipulate time, I’d elongate the time spent with my daughter and family. And speed up the time during my visit to the dentist or spent in the car.

If I had no gluten intolerance, I would eat pizza all day! And all types: deep dish, thin crust and Sicilian!

My biggest work accomplishment is running HF Planners. I’m very proud of all of us at HF Planners and how we work together as a team. We are learning every day. I’m also very proud of our clientele and the exciting projects they entrust us with.


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