Preparing for the unexpected should be part of your overall safety protocol:

OSHA requires that all companies have a written emergency action plan, of course, a plan is only as good as its effectiveness.
Planning ahead and maintaining a well-equipped team will help make a critical difference.

Here are planning considerations:

• Appoint
• Document emergency procedures
• Communicate the plan
• Post your evacuation routes/floor plan exit diagram in visible locations
• Practice drills
• Develop role system



In case of Emergency – Does your workplace have a plan?

In an unforeseen situation – the best way to protect your organization and employees is to expect the unexpected. Having an emergency action plan in place is essential in preventing a disorganized evacuation or emergency response that may cause confusion, property damage, or worse – injury.

To ensure ALL occupants know the way out of a building – HF Planners, LLC can assist you with Evacuation Route Planning – we understand the importance of having an Emergency Preparedness Protocol.



Does your company have an Emergency Preparedness Plan in place?

“Approximately 350,000 people are killed and 313 million people are injured in work-related accidents annually according to the International Labor Organization.”

HF Planners, LLC understands the importance of having an Emergency Preparedness Protocol and can assist you with evacuation route planning to ensure occupants know the way out of a building.  Contact us today for a FREE consultation.