Designing for the Modern Offce

Studies are finding that the open office environment is not a fit for all, in fact: Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report indicates that 71% of workers have access to privacy when needed. Even more telling, 42% say they would leave their current jobs for more privacy.

As an interior design firm, we are able to come into a space to evaluate the need for private and open areas, however, what most designers may not know is that privacy not only benefits employees but is also a boon to employers. The context of the modern open office privacy guarantees productivity. The simple truth is that flexible workspaces have a direct impact on the bottom line.


7 Benefits of Activity Based Workplaces

Activity-Based Workplaces are focused on employees, not the office space.  By focusing on employees, we find that there are many benefits:

1. Increased Productivity

 2. More Flexibility Throughout The Day

3. Eliminating Barriers By Sharing The Space

4. Promoting More Movement & Improving Overall Health

5. Saving Costs

6. Creating Environmentally Sustainable Workplaces

7. Increased Job Satisfaction

Activity-based working provides freedom of choice in how, when, and where people work, thus helping them to be more effective and engaged. Activity-based working recognizes that people are different in performing activities and need a variety of work settings, technology, and a collaborative culture to perform effectively and efficiently.


Benefits of Activity Based Working

Not to be confused with “hot-desking” or “hoteling”, Activity Based Workspace is an office trend that is taking over the way people interact with each other, physical space, and technology.

Surprising Benefits of Activity Based Working:
• No employee is confined to one workspace, each part of the workplace is designed to a specific activity.
o Collaboration, one-on-one conversations, quiet areas for focused work, or places for socialization with colleagues.
• For businesses that are considering implementing an employee wellness program, but have not yet; Activity-Based Working is a step in the right direction.