Biophillic lobby area design

The Benefits of Biophilic Design

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In our March Newsletter, we recently highlighted biophilic design and how it benefits the workspace. Incorporating biophilia into office spaces has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years as it can be a simple yet effective style.

Six principles of biophilic design that can be applied to any space are:

  • Environmental Features- direct contact with vegetation in and around the environment can improve employee health
  • Natural Shapes and Forms
  • Restorative Patterns and Processes- connects the richness of our sensory system in and around the environment
  • Light and Space- consider the most daylit areas of the office to bring in an abundance of natural light
  • Place-Based Relationships- focus on connection to ecology and prominent geographical features in your area
  • Evolved Human-Nature Relationships- areas within the space to provide a place to relax

When this design style is implemented it can:

  • Improve Health
  • Promote Well-Being
  • Increase Performance
  • Reduce Stress

This design style is also low maintenance, making a Facility Manager’s job a bit easier. You can enhance a design element rather than creating a new one that would require more cost to implement than maintain.

Some ways to incorporate biophilia in your space are:

  • Adding artwork with a nature scene
  • Placing plants around the office
  • Replace wallcovering with one that has natural elements