7 Concepts on the WELL Building Standard

Over six years ago, IWBI gathered a diverse group of professions to develop the Well Building Standard. It was established because they understood that while 90% of people’s time is spent indoors, there had been no reliable standards established to promote health and well-being. There are many benefits for building owners to promote standards in which people can thrive in.   


Buildings are monitored over several years to identify how they are performing in 7 key areas.  The 7 key concepts of the Well Building Standards are:


Air: This area focuses on cleaning protocols, banning cigarette smoking and vaping in and outside of a building, having air filtration systems to keep the air inside the building as clean as possible.


Water: This concept focuses on providing quality water that is available for employees and building occupants to drink.  Buildings can do this by having filtered drinking water dispensers in refrigerators, or simply a water cooler.  It is required that drinking water be available to all employees within 100 feet of occupied desks.


Light: The focus of this concept is to create an office that ensures that all desks have access to natural daylight.  There are many ways to accomplish this, even if windows are limited. Glass walls, circadian task lights and other forms of artificial light that mimic daylight. 


Comfort. Well Standards require that 30 percent of workstations provide sit-to-stand capabilities. A new trend in workstations are desks that electronically can be adjusted to suite the occupant in terms of desk surface and computer monitors. The comfort level of employees has a great impact on focus and overall satisfaction and wellness.  Additionally, thermal comfort should be considered as well.


Fitness, Nourishment, and Mind. This concept encourages physical and mental wellness for all staff.  The WELL Standard provides incentives for employees to stay physically active: if employees track 50 workouts in six months, then they can expense $200 of fitness-related costs bi-annually.


Statistics have shown that when organizations follow the Well Standards productivity increases.  In one project survey, the staff felt over 85 percent more productive in the space.  Are you ready to create the most productive, healthiest space for your employees?  Let the experts at HF Planners help!


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