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Facility Planning 101 for Business Owners

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Facility Planning 101 for Business Owners

Understanding the Process & Benefits of Developing a Strategic Facility Plan for Business Owners

If a business is growing or changing, a strategic facility plan is needed.

The strategic plan helps a business owner identify and prioritize how either owned or leased space best supports the business goals as they evolve over the next two to five years. It also helps keep up with the day-to-day demands of running the physical space. The plan helps identify if a company is embracing a hybrid workplace model, making staffing changes, or evolving to meet changing customer needs.

Here is the process and resulting benefits: 

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What Encompasses a Facility Plan?

  • The first step is to assess current spatial needs. Is the business outgrowing the existing space? Are there underutilized areas within the office? As people return to the office, will a hybrid working model be incorporated or formalized? Also, assess the factors that cannot be changed, like the building’s capacity.
  • The next step in this process would be to identify opportunities for improvement. Will hiring new talent require more space? Will offering various amenities enhance employee work-life balance? Ideally, how long should the process take? Are new products and services being developed, or are existing ones being expanded?
  • With a detailed understanding of needs and opportunities, a detailed strategy can be created for the office space or facility that aligns with the business goals. Multiple strategies may be needed, and having a well-thought-out plan that includes costs, scheduling, and the overall impact on the staff, will make the next step easier. In addition, being transparent about upcoming changes is essential to gaining employee buy-in.
  • Implementation may be the most crucial step in the entire process. During this step, coordinate with trade partners, meeting building codes and regulations, plus specifying materials and furnishings are among the tasks.

What Are the Benefits of Having and Implementing a Strategic Facility Plan?

A carefully considered and well-implemented strategic facility plan can create a better work environment aligned with the business’s goals. In the process, a business is better able to maintain structure and productivity, promote employee collaboration, improve employee engagement, and maximize the square footage.

What’s Next?

It may feel overwhelming to figure out what is working, what other improvements might be needed to meet new opportunities, and how to get it all done. 

HF Planners, LLC can assist with all of this. Our experienced team can handle the hard work and present multiple options in developing a strategic facility plan. We understand one size does not fit all and will customize a facility plan based on the business model. 

We have over 20 years of experience creating beautiful and functional workspaces. We’re honored to have long-term client relationships and clients who return to us repeatedly. Our team of facility planners will help identify the areas for improvement, strategize and define your needs, and identify ways to get the job done most efficiently and effectively as possible.

Let’s explore what might be possible for your business. Contact us today and schedule a time to talk.