Unleash Productivity with Noise Reduction

Does your current office environment suffer from poor acoustics? 

If design for a space does not adequately consider acoustics for its surfaces, sound control can easily become a problem.

Hard, highly reflective surfaces can be some of the worst offenders for poor sound quality, as are spaces with high ceilings. Because sound bounces off these hard surfaces, ceiling and wall surfaces are critical areas to target for acoustics.


Did you know that poor acoustics can sabotage your open office space?

Workplace design can minimize acoustical problems in an open office space environment. 

Characteristics of poor acoustics include:
• Increased absenteeism
• Distracted employees
• Loss of productivity
• Noise distraction
• Loss of privacy and confidentiality 

Sound Masking is designed to not eliminate sound, but to create a comfortable sound level that can be tuned or changed due to the internal environment. 

Here are some benefits of great acoustics:
• Increased worker productivity
• Job satisfaction
• High consideration for the wellness of the space