The Benefits of Retro-Commissioning for Green Initiatives

Retro-commissioning is a process that analyzes how well building systems are operating together by evaluating an existing building or space and improving its current functions. This provides the opportunity for any problems that were not installed properly during construction or any problems that have manifested during the building’s existence to be eradicated. Many systems operations that have not been updated can cause problems for both the building and occupants, but also for conversation and energy efficiency purposes. Retro-commissioning is a huge step to going green, both for the environment and the budget. There are many benefits to retro-commissioning with the intention of becoming an energy efficient building.

Here some of the top benefits you could reap from having an environmentally friendly and efficient retro-commissioned building:

1. Save Money. One of the top reasons to retro-commission a building is to save money. In a study conducted in 2013, it was found that a newly retro-commissioned building saved 16 percent on energy bills* and received a payback within one year. Between all of the systems and operations that need to properly function within the building, the retro-commissioning process updates any lagging or poorly installed systems to make it run as efficiently as possible. Added benefits to saving money could include the ability to not only retro-commission the building, but also include a re-design for internals efficiency!

2. Environmentally Friendly. It might be an obvious reason to retro-commission with the intention of going green, but it is a top benefit. A company with a Green Business Certification, like HF Planners, LLC with LEED AP’s on staff – a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional, will know how to transform your building to be as efficient as possible. Less emissions and more environmentally friendly systems will create a more efficient building both inside and out.

3. Tax Exemptions and Tax Credits. It goes along with saving money, but as a part of retro-commissioning, there are incentives that each state offers when improving your building functionality to improve its emissions and efficiency. The state of NJ alone has 73 incentives to retro-commission your office building to better the environment**. With a facility management company that will retro-commission your building to code and efficiency standards, a company is able to qualify for tax exemptions and tax credits if they are running most efficiently.

4. Occupant Health. Another important factor in being environmentally friendly while retro-commissioning your building is to consider the occupants and their well-being. Beyond energy savings, there is a definite benefit that comes from a more energy efficient building and more efficient occupants and their health. Identifying potential improvements including indoor air quality as well as operations maintenance comes with savings that could be redirected to improve the health of employees and other occupants. Healthier employees with healthier lifestyles reap so many benefits for a company, and end up having better habits that are aligned with environmentally friendly ideals.

There are many reasons to retro-commission your building for the sake of going green and becoming more environmentally friendly. Not only is there monetary value, but there are employee and environmental values as well. Interested in learning about how your space can be environmentally friendly through retro-commissioning? Contact HF Planners today to speak with our LEED Accredited Professionals today to see how your company can be as efficient as possible.  


*Parrish, Granderson, Mercado, Mathew 2013. “Improving Energy Efficiency through Commissioning: Getting Started with Commissioning, Monitoring, and Maintaining Performance” Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


Why You Should Retro Commission Your Office Building

Retro commissioning is a way to improve a building’s efficiency and systems operations. It is when an existing building is examined and updated to improve the cooperation between the equipment and its occupant’s comfort. Of course, cosmetics and physical appearance is always something to consider, but retro commissioning also heavily focuses on the internal functioning and design of a building. By retro commissioning your building, you reap valuable benefits. These benefits range from reducing costs to fixing any past flaws to increasing efficiency and comfort of the people using the space.

Here are some main reasons you should Retro Commission your office building:

·         Design Flaws are uncovered when a building is being analyzed during a plan for retro commissioning. Retro commissioning begins with identifying what is currently in need of improvement in an existing space. It could be faulty piping or leaking valves, poor wiring all the way to thermostat malfunctions and switches. Design flaws that exist can drive up costs of building operations and effect occupant comfort in a negative way.

·         Reducing costs is a huge benefit that comes from retro commissioning your building. Reducing costs is always a bonus for any sized company. Retro commissioning helps with reducing costs by improving on energy consumption as well as equipment and systems operations. As a byproduct of retro commissioning that affects the reduction of costs is being able to extend equipment life.  By improving the existing building’s systems and operations, you are improving building efficiency as well.

·         Improved Efficiency is one of the main advantages to retro commissioning. Improved efficiency includes better lighting, more up-to-date equipment, better heating and cooling systems and more advanced and accurate controls and air quality. A retro commissioned office building has more efficient operations that positively effect both time and money. Retro commissioning the existing space will evaluate the existing space and help what equipment could be more efficient for the building overall.  

·         Going Green goes along with improving efficiency, but is a huge benefit to retro commissioning. A retro commissioned building will, on average, lower energy costs by 15%. That is simply by taking the existing space and improving it. This in turn, reduces operating expenses by having more efficient equipment.

·         Occupant comfort plays an integral role when retro commissioning. Arguably the most important factor, the occupants and guests inside a building are the ones who benefit from a more efficient space. Also, looking at equipment such as heating and cooling systems, can improve air quality. Looking at the space, a redesign could open up space previously not used to result in increased comfort as well. Retro commissioning improves both the functionality, wellness and productivity of everyone in the occupied space.

Retro commissioning has a multitude of beneficial results that improve upon many important factors that go into a successful workplace and workflow. Are you wondering how your office space can benefit from retro commissioning through better efficiency and occupation comfort? Contact HF Planners today to have our team of adept facility managers let you know how your space can improve.