New Standard to Help Facility Managers Prepare

Facility managers are tasked with the responsibility of preparing employees and occupants of their facilities for the unexpected. Keeping your employees safe during a crisis starts well before the situation starts.  Planning, communication and organization will be the reason that resources and lives are saved. 

The new standard includes requirements for high-risk facilities. For facility managers, the efforts required to adhere to the standard should be minimal if the facility has a comprehensive and up-to-date all-hazards risk assessment, emergency response plan, or business continuity plan. 

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It's All About the End-User

"Evidence-based design has its roots in healthcare design but is now becoming more common in workplace design."

HF Planners can assist in the process of educating end-users in the ever-changing office environment.


Overcoming Headache #2 – Unrealistic Budgets

By: Caroline Shelly, CID, LEED AP+BD-C

“The issue then becomes about managing expectations of the end users who may have unrealistic budgets. The Facility Manager will need to educate these end users on how costs have changed… By developing the project based on the approved budget and/or developing a budget based on the end user’s wish list is something a successful Interiors Group can help with, and thereby help the Facilities Manager to avoid headaches.”