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The Benefits of Utilizing a Desk Reservation System in a Hybrid Environment

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What do an airplane seat and workstation have in common?

Picture this: you wake up in the early morning hours, drive to the airport, go through the hassle of TSA, find your gate after walking what feels like miles, and then wait hours for your flight to board. Finally, it’s time to get on the plane, sit down, watch a movie, or take a well-deserved nap, but someone is sitting in your assigned seat!

Most people would be frustrated if flights were a free-for-all when choosing a seat – there’s a reason we get to select which seat we want beforehand. Similar to traveling, reserving a desk before entering the office makes for a smoother work day. Here’s how:

Facility Perspective

Most companies have implemented hybrid working strategies within the past few years, and when implemented correctly, it could lead to a less hectic way of working. With guidance, employees will come into the office on set days designated by their manager and sit in sections of the office assigned to their specific teams. Desk reservation systems (or desk booking systems) simplify this process while supporting a hybrid working environment. They are versatile and allow both the leadership team and employees to know and understand what is happening within the office.

A Greater Understanding of Space Utilization

For anyone responsible for the facility, desk reservation systems also allow for a greater understanding of space utilization. Suppose workstations on one floor of the building are being booked more frequently than another. In that case, the facilities team can find ways to re-organize the space to allow for more collaboration or shared working areas on the underutilized floors. Especially when growing or downsizing, this information helps understand the type of space and the square footage needed.

Good Housekeeping

One of the first things someone will notice when entering an office is the cleanliness and organization of it. Through the reservation system, facility teams can see where the high-traffic areas in the office are, allowing for specific types of cleaning and maintenance. This can also help streamline cleaning and maintenance, saving teams time and money.

The Freedom of Choice

A current trend within the workplace is activity-based working – a work style that allows employees to select various settings within the office depending on the type of work being done. When paired with the implementation of a desk reservation system, this gives employees the freedom of choice to work where they see fit. If one team member has heads-down work, they can reserve a workstation, while another team member can reserve a phone booth for a private call. The flexibility this offers employees is key to supporting productivity.

One Final Thought

Overall, desk reservation systems help facility teams to understand every aspect of the facilities they are responsible for. HF Planners, LLC’s Workplace Advisor, Lorraine Reed, explains, “Reservations systems allow for a greater understanding of space utilization while minimizing the building operation team’s efforts to align seating and gives individuals the freedom to choose spaces that meet their changing tasks and needs.” The workplace is ever-changing, but having the right tools will help keep an organization on track and moving forward.

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