Green Wall for global technology interior design project

4 Projects to Inspire or Enhance Your Going Green Initiatives

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As sustainability practices become more standardized and attainable, many people want to implement sustainable solutions for their facilities. This would include reducing waste and costs and creating value for employees and consumers while protecting and enhancing human health and natural resources. Fortunately, there are many ways to put these practices to use and add them to any design aesthetic.

Sustainability can be applied to any project regardless of building type, size, location, or budget. Green strategies have been implemented in various projects, such as corporate office buildings, labs, and warehouses.

We’re honored to work with forward-thinking clients on their green initiatives. Below you will find some of the projects we are particularly proud of as they utilize sustainable practices in various ways.

Global Technology Company

Our long-time client sought a new office design with LEED Certified building credentials. This 29,000-square-foot interior project presented a reasonable number of obstacles and found opportunities that both challenged and aided the overall design directives. This space’s driving factors were to optimize window views, use sustainable finishes, and reuse existing furniture to enhance the space. Some key features influenced by the specific environment and construction guidelines included LED lighting, updated mechanical systems, and the selection of sustainable furnishings and finishes, plus an open ceiling plan with sustainable acoustical properties.

From the initial site walk-through and design development to the final collection of materials for the completed interior environment, the client’s vision was to have an open, collaborative space that considered the floor, ceiling, and everything in between. The core and shell spaces were updated with several requirements: new lighting, the impression of an open ceiling that reflected changing umbrella design, and shared office space. The design was developed based on the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED V4 for Commercial Interiors certification program.

Trade & Development Company

This trade and development company’s common area was bare and lacked interest for employees and visitors who utilize the space. As this company focuses on sustainability and brand awareness, they wanted to add a natural, eco-friendly element to enhance their space.

Along with interior landscape designers and a graphics team, HF Planners, LLC designed a beautiful installation piece that consists of low-maintenance preserved moss. This company’s corporate branding colors and logo were fabricated with wooden and metal panels that floated on top to add an eye-catching element. Employees now have a beautiful biophilic element to enjoy while in the space, and the preserved moss improves air quality, reduces noise with its acoustic properties, and stabilizes moisture levels.

Full Service Bank

This full-service bank was renewing its lease, but the space needed to be updated with the company’s brand and culture. So HF Planners, LLC reimagined a space that balanced the rich company history with contemporary aesthetics while using sustainable design principles. For example, the old carpeting was recycled before the new flooring was installed. In addition, the team designated a warm seating area by inlaying renewable cork within the carpeting.

When most people think “sustainability,” they believe minimalistic, green, or biophilia but sustainable design can fit into any aesthetic and design.

Global Flavor & Fragrance Company

Outdoor workspaces are a great way to improve employee wellness, as spending time outside can improve your mood, reduce stress, and build stronger teams. However, this company’s outdoor workspace was outdated, disorganized, and didn’t attract their growing headcount. As the company culture focuses on wellness, they envisioned a “resort feel” for this space so their employees can be relaxed when working or taking a short break outside. As a result, HF Planners, LLC completed the project on an accelerated timeline so everyone could enjoy the approaching seasonal weather.

Whether you want to launch your first sustainability initiatives or go to the next level, partnering with an experienced team will ensure your vision is brought to life, regardless of your company branding, budget, or aesthetic.

It’s easy to get started – give us a call, and we’ll set up a time to discuss what you’d like to accomplish and what might be standing in the way. Then, we’ll share our expert recommendations for customized solutions that meet your needs, fit your budget and work within your timeline to reach your business objectives.