It's All About the End-User

"Evidence-based design has its roots in healthcare design but is now becoming more common in workplace design."

HF Planners can assist in the process of educating end-users in the ever-changing office environment.


Seven Deadly Sins for Facility Managers

Day-to-day activities for FM’s are always challenging, here are “Seven Deadly Sins for Facility Managers”

Here are seven pitfalls facilities managers can fall into while performing their day-to-day responsibilities:

1. Not ensuring compliance
2. Not documenting meetings
3. Doing the work, yourself
4. Ignoring repeated complaints
5. Remaining unaware of the market and not performing strategic analysis
6. Lack of an organization system
7. Not recognizing your staff’s work

To ensure expectations are met, an adequate team should be comprised – there should be constant training, teaching, developing, and working towards constant improvement of the overall facility.


Managing Expectations

Managing or Focusing expectations can promote a well-conceived and properly managed plan that is strongly aligned with the mission of your organization.

To properly manage expectations – the challenge is to do better with less. Understanding the goal and mission, purpose, environment, and resources is an integral piece of the puzzle and will help define the best decision. 

Leadership is still required, the engagement of all is still extremely important – HF Planners, LLC can assist in this process by engaging all of the users, compiling the data to ultimately manage the organizations' expectations. 

Click here to learn how Facility Managers in educational spaces manage expectations:


Relocation and Move Management

In the past 10 to 15 years Move Management has become an integral part of the Relocation Process - moving today requires more than just furniture.

Move management projects require expertise in planning, business operations and management, and contingency planning.


7 Benefits of Activity Based Workplaces

Activity-Based Workplaces are focused on employees, not the office space.  By focusing on employees, we find that there are many benefits:

1. Increased Productivity

 2. More Flexibility Throughout The Day

3. Eliminating Barriers By Sharing The Space

4. Promoting More Movement & Improving Overall Health

5. Saving Costs

6. Creating Environmentally Sustainable Workplaces

7. Increased Job Satisfaction

Activity-based working provides freedom of choice in how, when, and where people work, thus helping them to be more effective and engaged. Activity-based working recognizes that people are different in performing activities and need a variety of work settings, technology, and a collaborative culture to perform effectively and efficiently.


Asset Management, the Importance, and How it Can Save Time in the Long-Run

Asset Management, the Importance, and How it Can Save Time in the Long-Run

Asset management is simply the tracking of company-owned property (assets). The goal is to know where these items are located, how they are used, and when changes are made to them.

The reasons for wanting to track assets are numerous but these are a few that stand out:
1. Increase Workplace Efficiency
2. Reduce Time Spent locating assets
3. Reduce Money Wasted replacing misplaced or misused assets


Boosting the Bottom Line Through Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is a fundamental necessity for companies of all sizes, especially when it comes to workplace furniture and IT equipment.

An actively managed and accurate inventory is essential because as the saying goes, “you can’t measure what you can’t see.”

Once the inventory foundation is set, you can:


• understand asset utilization

• understand product lifecycles

• create a proper maintenance schedule to maximize asset lifespan

• prevent theft and enhance security

• perform proper accounting and confirm amortization rates (your finance team will thank you!)

To learn more about the do’s and don’ts of asset management – contact us.


How will Artificial Intelligence transform the future of the workplace?

AI has become streamlined particularly within the Human Resources process but has quickly disrupted the way we virtually operate in the workplace. 

AI in the workplace is currently influencing:

  • Human Resources
  • Unionized Employees
  • Data Privacy and Security Services
  • Employee Benefits
  • Workplace Transition Policies

Embracing technological advances is the future of the workplace, Artificial Intelligence has penetrated into every major industry from healthcare to transportation and is rapidly transforming the employee experience.

New technology initiatives using artificial intelligence in the workplace require the design technology roadmap, defining the short-term and long-term goals.

Customer engagement has now become something that is programmed and no longer measured.



Preparing for the unexpected should be part of your overall safety protocol:

OSHA requires that all companies have a written emergency action plan, of course, a plan is only as good as its effectiveness.
Planning ahead and maintaining a well-equipped team will help make a critical difference.

Here are planning considerations:

• Appoint
• Document emergency procedures
• Communicate the plan
• Post your evacuation routes/floor plan exit diagram in visible locations
• Practice drills
• Develop role system



In case of Emergency – Does your workplace have a plan?

In an unforeseen situation – the best way to protect your organization and employees is to expect the unexpected. Having an emergency action plan in place is essential in preventing a disorganized evacuation or emergency response that may cause confusion, property damage, or worse – injury.

To ensure ALL occupants know the way out of a building – HF Planners, LLC can assist you with Evacuation Route Planning – we understand the importance of having an Emergency Preparedness Protocol.



Does your company have an Emergency Preparedness Plan in place?

“Approximately 350,000 people are killed and 313 million people are injured in work-related accidents annually according to the International Labor Organization.”

HF Planners, LLC understands the importance of having an Emergency Preparedness Protocol and can assist you with evacuation route planning to ensure occupants know the way out of a building.  Contact us today for a FREE consultation.



Benefits of Activity Based Working

Not to be confused with “hot-desking” or “hoteling”, Activity Based Workspace is an office trend that is taking over the way people interact with each other, physical space, and technology.

Surprising Benefits of Activity Based Working:
• No employee is confined to one workspace, each part of the workplace is designed to a specific activity.
o Collaboration, one-on-one conversations, quiet areas for focused work, or places for socialization with colleagues.
• For businesses that are considering implementing an employee wellness program, but have not yet; Activity-Based Working is a step in the right direction.


Unleash Productivity with Noise Reduction

Does your current office environment suffer from poor acoustics? 

If design for a space does not adequately consider acoustics for its surfaces, sound control can easily become a problem.

Hard, highly reflective surfaces can be some of the worst offenders for poor sound quality, as are spaces with high ceilings. Because sound bounces off these hard surfaces, ceiling and wall surfaces are critical areas to target for acoustics.


Did you know that poor acoustics can sabotage your open office space?

Workplace design can minimize acoustical problems in an open office space environment. 

Characteristics of poor acoustics include:
• Increased absenteeism
• Distracted employees
• Loss of productivity
• Noise distraction
• Loss of privacy and confidentiality 

Sound Masking is designed to not eliminate sound, but to create a comfortable sound level that can be tuned or changed due to the internal environment. 

Here are some benefits of great acoustics:
• Increased worker productivity
• Job satisfaction
• High consideration for the wellness of the space