Thao Khia

Thao Hf Planners Senior Designer

Senior Designer

With her experience in design and architecture, Thao brings a unique perspective to the team.

In 2020 Thao received her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and a minor in Craft Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2023, she earned her Master of Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. This achievement opened up an avenue for her to expand her creative horizons and refine her technical skills while also understanding the legal aspects of construction.

Thao works closely with the design team to provide support on various projects.

Thao loves cooking! It is most likely that you will find her cooking a new recipe in the kitchen if she is not at work. Or more likely, she will find herself lost in assembling a LEGO set, fascinated by how all the mechanical parts fit together.


I aspire to explore the world more, so I desire to be able to teleport to places. This would not only cut down on flight expenses but also save substantial time.

I am deeply passionate about art and design. However, it has yet to be widely understood that art evokes thoughts and emotions, often remaining for open-ended interpretations when design focuses on problem-solving and achieving functionality. Though they can enhance each other, they remain distinct. 

My choice would be Vietnamese spring rolls with rich, flavorful peanut butter sauce. This dish is known for its light, fresh, and simple.